Month: June 2020


Set goals

We are designed to be goal striving beings. That is why we feel incomplete until we are functioning as we were made to function as a goal seeker and driver. Remember,no goal no success.

Time matters don’t waste it

Everyone gets 86,400 seconds in a day. What you do matters. Don’t waste even a second wandering aimlessly. You have everything you need to act. Power to choose is in you. You are powerful,you matter.

Never stop learning

The more you learn the more opportunities you have. If you want to continue succeeding,never stop learning. Learn from books,learn from others,learn by serving others. Learning is like raindrops on dry ground. Only a blade of grass that catches fire and uses a raindrop grows and prospers. Keep learning. Keep striving. Keep succeeding.

Do your thing

Be curious,be restless,be motivated by novelty,have a burning desire to control your life,open to new experiences,be drawn to learning new things,be obsessed with getting better. That the thing,keep doing your thing because you will be on your way to great success.

Work hard

Work in hard,working long hours is not bad for your health as long as you have a strong purpose. Long hours become workaholism only when work and purpose get disconnected. Purpose,hard work and great success go together.

Start from the bottom

Unless you are digging a hole,Starr at the bottom. That is how you learn,grow and succeed. If you are not growing you are nor succeeding.

Have pride in what you do.

Have pride in your work but do not let pride get in your head. Nothing blocks us more than pride. If you want to continue to stay on your path to great success,stay humble.

Believe you will succeed

You have got to believe you will succeed. You know there will be obstacles,there will be pitfalls. Things will not go as planned,people will laugh at you but you are not going to give up because you already know that you are going to succeed.

Do not quit

No matter how tough circumstances are,it’s in your control to have a great attitude,to give your very best,to treat people well,to be grateful for being alive,to give because as long as you are alive,hope is alive. Success is just a matter of time. Forget your weakness,stop fixing them,there is no success in dwelling on your weaknesses. Focus on your strengths,build on your strengths and never quit.

You are not a failure

Just because you failed on something does not mean you are a failure. You are not a failure. You do things which fail or succeed. Failing is just a stepping stone to success. You cannot fail because your failures are just lessons you are learning on your way to success.

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