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Best reader’s Review of Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex’s globally successful memoir, Spare

Prince Harry’s , The Duke of Sussex Globally successful meimor premered on Jan 10 2023 and it went ahead and became world fastest selling book on day one, according to Guiness world record. it even beat the ikes of Barrack Obama book record. Here is to why you should rush to Amazon and order the book!

Gussy Granger

An apology
Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2023

I’m not going to restate what’s in the book like so many have done beautifully. I’m going to apologize to Harry and Meghan. I was one of the people who was manipulated by the media. I have always had an open mind so I purchased Spare because the leaks were very interesting and what I realized was how wrong I was in joining others in hating Harry & Meghan. When Harry chose his bride, I had never heard of
Meghan. She was beautiful, she had a good energy about her and I was so excited Harry was marrying
an American. I felt like she was representing us and she was doing a great job. I saw her speak at some
function they had and she was so poised and looked natural on stage. The day of the wedding, I watched
with so much excitement and I even cried. Then came the hate from the media. It was quick and
deliberate and it worked. The media made her out to be fame hungry, arrogant, a narcissist, turned her
back on her family, you name it. The media set their eyes on her and wouldn’t let up. I was one of those
people who turned on them. Especially when they announced they were leaving England. “How could
they?”, I thought. I joined in the hate in blaming Meghan.

When I read the book and put myself in their shoes and saw the media lies, l could see how I was
manipulated into believing everything. Even after I read it, and articles would come out that were
complete lies. I’ll give you an example. lIn the book, Harry explains how his father was marrying Camilla
and he told Harry and William. He said he was happy for his father and thought Camilla would be a wicked step mother but she wasn’t, he grew fond of her. The media spinned what he said and the headline read something like, “Harry refers to Camilla as an evil step mother”. That was confirmation to me that the media is a 24 hours news cycle to destroy Harry and Meghan. How can so many people not see this? And the bigger question is why? Why do they have to destroy them? Is it their job to create a villain and never let up? | understand also why William and Kate weren’t criticized in the media, they are in line to the throne, the media needs them. His family turned their back on them because they couldn’t take it anymore. That’s the awful part, the royal family thinks they should just take the blows and be quiet about it. Well, I now understand why they left and I don’t blame them. Any sane person would have left too. One last thing, whenever they’re in public, like when he was promoting his book, or going out to dinner or anything, the keyboard warriors would say the same thing every single time “l thought they wanted their privacy?” Most of the time, he’s being stalked and lied about and the other times, he’s promoting his book, like any person releasing a book. Even celebrities chime in with the same comment. If everyone just read the book, they would understand what they mean by privacy.

May 10, 2023
I am coming out of retirement to write this review. I’ve never had more than a passing curiosity about the
Queen of England or her family. In fact, I was deep into my adolescence before I even knew about Prince
William and Prince Harry. And it never occurred to me that perhaps the Queen’s husband might have still
been alive at the time of my discovery. Even now, it’s very much ado about nothing for me. Even with all the controversy of the last decade involving the two sons and their respective spouses, I never cared about any of more than a simple, “Oh well, I guess it’s interesting.” That’s the issue with having one’s whole life on display. It’s a spectacle for the unimaginative. I’d rather capture my musings in the pages of a book rather than magazines. All the aside, I’m not a fan of institution. They breed corruption. That isn’t just a criticism of monarchy, but rather an overarching one of all institutions. Education, media, businesses, churches, hospitals, etc. The problem at the end of the day is simple. Greed. You
just can’t trust people with any sort of power. I’ve been in a leader position. No sane person who values
life stays in power long. There are more important endeavors after all. Love, for example.
I do not typically read autobiographies or nonfiction.In fact, I purposefully shy away from this sort of thing. Who wants to waste time of some pompous self-indulgence? Not me. Maybe I’m too judgmental. In any case, I succumbed to my baser inquisitive nature,spurred on by my recent viewing of Queen Charlotte on Netflix (haha, I know); and I’ve been seeing Harry’s book everywhere. Was it subliminal? Alas, it often happens that I jump onto the bandwagon last minute and find myself admonishing my stubborn refusal to conform with the masses. There’s a reason popular things are popular. I saw it sitting on a shelf at work. I flipped to the end. It is a sacred practice of mine. I love to know how things end before I start them. Is it worth the journey? I happened upon some lines where Harry’s reminiscing about his Granny. I felt my eyes start to sting with hot tears right there in the aisle at work. You see, I lost my grandmother a year, someone who was pivotal to my life-gone. His words hit me in a place I now avoid.
They resonated with me. They suddenly made this grandmother a year, someone who was pivotal to my
life-gone. His words hit me in a place I now avoid. They resonated with me. They suddenly made this
prince human to me. I decided to read the whole damn thing. So I did. I also read the commentary on it as well. People are so funny in what the focus on. It has to be a matter of perspective. So many people were caught up in the “tell-all” of this book. Is it a tell-all? It didn’t read that way to me. In fact, it seemed
overwhelmingly focused on grief. Harry’s lost a good many people, some to tragic ends and some to
perhaps the worse fate: plain old pride. That, too, hit me square in the chest. Anyone who’s been hurt by
family knows how keenly the disappointment in them burns you when, despite your better judgment, you
were willing to put your faith into them until the end; and they proved the faith misplaced again and again. Is it really too much to expect the people you care for would also care for you in the same way? If only you could understand one another. I don’t care about the press or the Royal family. I don’t
even care how much people may think this is all true or not true. What I think is true, what leapt out of each page at me over and over is the grief laced into the heart of Harry. It’s a familiar grief to my own. It’s a grief that has taken on many forms throughout my life, but started young. It’s not exactly comfort I felt while reading this, though the words did seem to pass effortlessly before my eyes. Maybe a little less lonely for knowing that despite everything, he’s managing to forge ahead. I can too. There’s truth in loss. You see the reality of people. They either become the absolute scum of the earth or they fill your heart with such unspeakable joy. It makes me think of when I became hyper fixated on September 11th and learned about the evacuation of NYC, which became the largest boat evac since Dunkirk, a fact I think Harry would find interesting to know. I watched this documentary about it and cried at how many people showed up to rescue those people. The largest evac in history. Half a million people all in nine hours. See? People have such capacity for compassion. That’s what I sometimes think about when the pessimism strikes. This book will be a reminder now too.At the end of it, Harry’s point wasn’t just to tell the
world his side of things. It was more pointed than that. The prologue starts with his dad and brother saying they don’t know how it’s come to this. Harry’s incredulous. I would have been too. After all, are they just being inconsiderate or are they like Daisy Buchanan in the Great Gatsby? Willfully naive of the
world around them, caught in their vacuum of selfishness? Unwilling to face the truth because of the
fear that life as they know it may shatter? I’m inclined to agree with this classification. Which would make
Harry equitable to Nick Carraway. The entire book proof of his evolving disillusionment with that same
life. Whereas Gatsby ends in a death, Harry’s story starts with one. It seems important to note this. As I
said, loss leads to truth. Sometimes, it’s a harsh and bitter truth, but necessary. I hope that Harry’s truth
meets its mark in the hearts of those who he still, somehow, hasn’t given up hope on: his dad and his
brother. My advice if you decide to read this? Don’t dwell on what you perceive to be “TMI” but rather the why of it all. Why? Why? Why? He had the courage to break away from the mold of a thousand years of conformity, in spite his sworn enemy the press, the threats and perhaps even his own self doubt and share what’s been forming for decades. The culmination of his experience open to public scrutiny. At the end of the day, I have no care for institutions. When you forget that people in power are just that-people, human- you forget that not only are they too worthy of compassion, but also shouldn’t be idolized. Human make mistakes. But it’s important to learn from them. I could understand from reading this just how much work Harry’s done in learning from his. From one human to another, Harry, if you ever read
this, I genuinely hope that your words do not fall onto deaf ears. Thank you for the tears I cried while
reading this and thanks for sharing.

I loved this book. The only reason I’m giving it 4-stars instead of 5 is because of the lengthy chapters regarding Harry’s military experiences (and I feel bad about even saying that because it was obviously an
important part of his life and he deserves mad RESPECT for serving his country) but it was a little
boring. Otherwise, I found Harry’s vulnerability and honesty refreshing, and his sense of humor
endearing. I do not understand all of the negative press, comments regarding this book, or commentary
regarding his and Meghan’s documentary. It is obvious they have BOTH spent their adult lives serving others, and I truly believe that anyone that has read this book (or watched their documentary) has just DECIDED in their mind that they do not want to see the truth about the goings on behind the scenes of the royal family. A family who has made it a priority to stay in favor of the British people (because they don’t want to lose their jobs) above family relationships and use the British press to do so. Why do I believe Harry? Because he had EVERYTHING to lose by being honest and did so anyway. I believe he wanted to defend the honor of his wife. I believe he wanted to speak his truth regarding what he has experienced in his family relationships. And I believe he needed to provide for his family (and this is an opinion not addressed in the book) because let’s be honest. If you were suddenly cut off from any earnings by your father who has held the purse strings your entire life (because you only wanted to be a full-time working Royal six months out of the year and not twelve) and you now have to pay
for the security your family desperately needs to be safe (because daddy isn’t paying for it anymore),
wouldn’t you do what you had to do to provide for them? Including writing a book about YOUR life even
if it included unfavorable experiences with your family? Of course, you would. I finished this book and
wished I could be Harry’s surrogate mother and love on him a little bit, sit down with a cup of coffee, and
tell Harry that I’m so sorry for what he has experienced but I’m so proud of him for going against the grain and standing up for what he believes is right. For him and his family. #TeamHarry autobiographies


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