Out and about ! Queen Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex looked Classic as ever as she joined her Husband Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex on a Rare Date Night.

The Power couple had a date night in Los Angeles. They were spotted by paparazzi entering San Vincente Bungalows, where privacy is of immense importance. This was our proper glimpse of the Queen in 2023. It was in deed a treat for many, as fans, supporters, stalkers, media, UK media and her number one fans British Tabloids immensely felt her absence. Gratefulness was felt all over because the Queen decided to grace our timeline with her smile. While entering the building, the Gracious Duchess could be heard responding with ‘hi’ to a greeting from a pap guy. Quite Kind of her!

This was their first public out together after so much speculation as usual from the usual suspects as why The Duke was promoting his book alone as if he helped promote The Bench or Archetypes .

In photos obtained, Princess Meghan was spotted in her usually ‘chicy’ look. She wore her signature beige coat with an asymmetric collar paired with her also signature cropped black leather pants, black heels, and a black clutch. Her nails were painted a pale pink color, which coordinated spectacularly with her usual minimal makeup. She completed the ensemble with a pale pink glossy lip. She wore her always shiny, long and lush hair down and parted in the middle, her signature with a relaxed curl at the ends.

Prince Harry, on the other hand, went for a more casual look with dark jeans, a gray cardigan, and a dark blue tee paired with blue slip-on sneakers. As the power couple entered San Vincente Bungalows, a bodyguard held an umbrella over their heads given the unusual LA rain.

Per Page Six, San Vincente Bungalows has a strict ban on cell phones and photos, which makes it a go-to spot for extremely famous people who want to go out to eat without much fuss from the press (or worse: a DeuxMoi tip), such as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The privacy allows them to do so in relative peace.

In December 2022 we got a glimpse into Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and Princess Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex’s lives through Globally successful Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan. In January 10, the world had a pin drop silence as it was acquainted with The Man himself through his memoir, Spare. The book went ahead and broke the World Guinness Record for fastest selling non _ fiction book with the highest number beating previous record holder Barrack Obama.

Just like the infamous Brexit, we weren’t given the full terms of the deal, we weren’t assured of the implications and the outcome. We no longer have access to Prince Harry and what’s worse the entire UK and Royal Family combined cannot hold our attention for more than 24 hours.

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There has been a plethora of comments about what Harry is supposed to be doing. It appears some people have collectively lost their minds and memories. Prince Harry asked to serve the Queen but wanted some independence from the Royal Purse and Royal Rota.

We held whole summit in Sandringham was held and it was decided to let him go. I use the collective word “we” because “we” consider the Monarchy as a family. When you let a member of your family go it’s because you decided that their wishes were impossible to be met.

Prince Harry was very clear about what he was going to do. He said he would continue to serve and that he would be using independent and grassroot media? Why are we suddenly surprised? Who drummed it into our heads that he would “disappear”?

A whole Prince of England, Someone actually thought Prince Harry would be living outside England and he wouldn’t get deals? He wouldn’t be popular and successful outside the Royal Family? I could have told anyone that for free. It would have been better to agree to his plan.

It is not Prince Harry from the outside looking in. Oh no. It is the UK media and Royal Family looking OUT. We can no longer dictate what Prince Harry can or cannot do, how much money he has or how many bathrooms are in his mansion. We are now bystanders waiting for his every move

Just like the infamous Brexit, we weren’t given the full terms of the deal, we weren’t assured of the implications and the outcome. We no longer have access to Prince Harry and what’s worse the entire UK and Royal Family combined cannot hold our attention for more than 24 hours.


Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and Princess Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex opens Navy SEAL Foundation’s New Facility for Veterans

The Duke and Duchess of Sussexe Support Navy SEAL Foundation’s New Facility for Veterans.

On Wednesday, November 8, 2023, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, made a rare appearance in San Diego to support the Navy SEAL Foundation’s newest facility for veterans. The Sussexes, along with Navy SEAL Foundation leaders, veterans and their families, officially opened the Warrior Fitness Program West Coast Facility with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The facility features state-of-the-art fitness and workout resources, rehabilitation technology and advanced biometric tracking systems. It aims to optimize human performance for warriors on the battlefield, transitioning to civilian life, or retired from service.

The Navy SEAL Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides critical support for the warriors, veterans, and families of Naval Special Warfare. The Foundation has a four-star rating from Charity Navigator and a perfect score from Guide Star, indicating its transparency and accountability. The Foundation offers various programs and services to address the needs of the Naval Special Warfare community, such as strength and resilience, health and wellness, education and development, and community and legacy.

The Warrior Fitness Program is one of the Foundation’s initiatives to enhance the physical and mental wellness of the Naval Special Warfare personnel and veterans. The program was launched in 2020 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and has since expanded to San Diego, California. The program provides access to world-class fitness facilities, coaches, trainers, nutritionists, and therapists. The program also incorporates biometric data and feedback to monitor and improve the performance and recovery of the participants. The program is designed to help the warriors and veterans achieve their personal and professional goals, whether they are preparing for a mission, transitioning to a new career, or enjoying retirement.

The Sussexes have been vocal supporters of various U.S. veterans foundations since moving to California in 2020. Prince Harry, who served in the British Army for 10 years and completed two tours in Afghanistan, has a personal connection to the military and veteran community. He is the founder of the Invictus Games, an international sporting event for wounded, injured, and sick service members and veterans. He also attended the Department of Defense’s annual Warrior Games at Naval Station North Island in June 2023, where he met and cheered for the athletes. In addition, he made a surprise appearance at a Chula Vista movie theater in August 2023, where he spoke to the attendees and posed for selfies before a screening of his Netflix docuseries, “Heart of Invictus.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex expressed their gratitude and admiration for the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Naval Special Warfare community at the opening ceremony of the Warrior Fitness Program West Coast Facility. They also interacted with the 250 Naval Special Warfare personnel and their families who attended the event. The Sussexes said they were honored to be part of the celebration and to witness the impact of the program on the lives of the warriors and veterans. They also encouraged the public to learn more about the Navy SEAL Foundation and to support its mission of providing a nation of support for the Naval Special Warfare community.

New York Diaries! Prince Harry and Princess Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex returns to the City, to host Archewell Foundation’s parents Summit, on World Mental Health Day

ON October 5th, Sussex Squad and Harry and Meghan’s supporters, journalists, and even their “haters” couldn’t stop expressing their happiness when the news came that Harry and Meghan would be in New York. Everyone is happy because, hey, glamour, sophistication, and fashion? To say that Harry and Meghan are going to deliver would be an understatement. Looks like just as September was successful for them, October will also be the month of the Sussexes. I wouldn’t dare plan any event considering how September was successful for them because I would be overshadowed by Harry and Meghan. But hey, that’s just me.

People Magazine had exclusive details about the event .

‘The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan, will be returning to New York City to host their first in-person event for the Archewell Foundation. Taking place on World Mental Health Day, the event called ‘The Archewell Foundation Parents’ Summit: Mental Wellness in a Digital Age’ aims to address the challenges faced by parents in the digital era. It will provide a platform for families to discuss and find solutions to create a safer online environment for children and teenagers. The summit will feature parents who have experienced tragic losses related to their child’s social media use, and Meghan and Harry have been working with them to support their mission in preventing similar incidents from happening to other families. Together, they seek to share personal experiences, research, and data to empower and uplift the collective mental well-being of families.’

‘Prince Harry and Princess Meghan will be alongside Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. The event is also part of Project Healthy Minds’ World Mental Health Day Festival long partnership with Archewell. The Archewell Foundation, founded by Harry and Meghan, focuses on uplifting communities, building a better online world, and restoring trust in information. The couple has been actively involved in promoting mental health awareness, including speaking openly about their own struggles. They have supported initiatives, podcasts, and docuseries that aim to address the stigma surrounding mental health. In addition, they have engaged with youth groups to understand the impact of societal pressures and social media on mental well-being. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to advocate for mental health and provide resources for those in need.’

FASHION INDUSTRY SAVIOUR! Princess Meghan Markle ,The Duchess of Sussex crashed the J.crew website after she wore their white brazer which is already sold out! That folks is ICON behaviour.

Princess Meghan The Duchess of Sussex looked so good in a J.crew white Blazer which she accessorised with shorts, her usual gold jewels and copleted the look by letting her long luscious hair in loose waves .

This look is complete her as she as referenced this look many times even pre-royal days. Just simple ,chic and classy. Perfect fir sporting activities. The look made a look daity next to her loving husband Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex.

Her linen shorts was complimented by a black t-shirt and a black and camel chanel flats . she has worn the flats the time before.

As the MOST popular and loving couple made their entrance hands in hands smiling to the adoring crowds,the cameras could not resist to capture the beautiful souls.

I would like to advice zou to referennce all the Princess Meghans Invictus Games fittins for inspiration for this all timeless season trend.

No doubt that this piece has alreadz inspired manz who clearly get their inspirations from the Queen Meghan herself. And based on the crashing of the J.Crew website it seems manz have been inspired.

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