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A family power struggle born out of the fact that the longest reigning monarch now has 3 heirs in waiting. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were considered acceptable losses.

A family power struggle born out of the fact that the longest reigning monarch now has 3 heirs in waiting. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were considered acceptable losses.

How did the Royal Family get to this place? Well, I think you’ve got a beloved Monarch in her nineties who is now relying very heavily upon her staff, a staff that is trying desperately to appease Prince Charles and Prince William over the likes of Prince Harry…

Prince Harry is unlikely to inherit the Crown. The Queen’s staff members are socially and financially inclined to appease those next in line. They know that their time is limited. At this point, they are unlikely to push back against the offices of Charles or William.

Let’s add to the fact that staff members for Charles and William are competing with each other at this point. Realistically, one of them will be king within the next decade. Charles is in his seventies. William is approaching his forties. Both represent the future of the monarchy.

Now before I go forward, let’s consider how insular royal life is. From birth, royals are closely guarded and praised. This is especially true for direct heirs. They spend more time with staff than they do with friends or even each other.

So, you’ve got an over-dependence upon staff members who financially and socially benefit from their positions. If they play their cards right, they achieve wealth, status, and powerful friends. If they play them wrong, they risk poverty, humiliation, and formidable foes.
In the end, you’ve got royals with skewed egos surrounded by staff members with skewed egos who are trying to benefit socially and financially from the royal family.

This is a recipe for disaster.

(Again, I’m not excusing the behavior. I’m trying to explain it.)

This is not to say that royals aren’t responsible for their own actions (or lack thereof). This is to say that they have a very skewed way of living and seeing the world. If you are raised to believe you are better than others and only staff are safe, your perspective is off.

We know that upon William’s marriage to Kate, there was a shift away from his reliance upon Charles’ staff, and push towards doing things his own way. Jason Knauf comes onboard to represent both William and Harry, who at that time, stood as a united front.

Now, it’s important to understand Jason. He’s a white American raised in the south, and by his mother’s own admission, has always been very ambitious.

To end up working for a future King must be quite the ego stroke. Let’s also compound this with the fact that Prince William likens his closest advisors to friends. Prior to Harry’s marriage to Meghan, it appears that he had a similar relationship with Harry.
But, Meghan changes things, although not initially. Staff members are happy to plan the wedding. They are happy to appease Harry and take part in something so historic. Especially when doing so looks so damned impressive on a resume.

Where things shift is after the wedding..

Meghan and Harry are popular as a couple. A little too powerful for those who are already fighting for power and status amongst themselves. Suddenly and unexpectedly you’ve got Harry and Meghan coming out of nowhere commanding a spotlight…And that spotlight isn’t meant for them. At least not to the men and women who’ve spent their whole lives vying for power and status. To them, this is akin to being next in line at Disney World after waiting two hot hours in the sun, only to have someone directly cut the line.

Royals felt this way toward Harry while the staff felt it toward Meghan.

It’s at this point that everything begins to fall apart….
By October of 2018, you’ve got Jason planting stories in the press.

Do I think he did this because he is racist? No. Do I think he did this because he genuinely thought Meghan was a bully? No. Do I think he did this to ensure his own status and power?

Before Meghan, Harry is happy to go with the flow. He’s not interested in the inner workings of office work. He’s happy to leave the ideas and planning to someone else, but Meghan changes this because she’s not a royal. She has had to carve out her own success and path.

And as a person who has risen to soaring heights by meticulously planning, researching, and taking responsibility for herself, she walks into her marriage with that same intention. Except now she angers some staff members, including Jason.Do I think Jason is the devil? No. I think he’s a man who’s ego and finances rely heavily upon Prince William being “best.” Anyone or anything who threatens this must be destroyed. When it became clear that Meghan and Harry had real power and status, the knives came out.
What I think he and the rest of the Firm didn’t consider was how many racists were going to laud this ruthlessness and use it to bolster their own racist behaviors and ideas. Intentionally or not, the attacks on Meghan perpetuate racism across the globe seemingly at their own behest.

If they took their egos out of picture and truly looked at things as they are, they’d see just how catastrophically damaging this is socially, morally, and historically to the Monarchy they have sworn to love and protect.

It is embarrassing. It is heartbreaking.
Nobody deserves the abuse Meghan Markle has endured. It’s not enough for one to say that their intentions aren’t racist, as they directly behave in a way that promotes racism itself. Racism unintentionally perpetuated by action is no less damning than racism overly expressed.
These actions have emboldened racists and are now forever a part of royal legacy.

Like it or not.

Meghan and Harry have moved on, but the stench of racism set forth by bruised egos, royal and non-royal alike, will permeate the Monarchy for decades, if not centuries to come.


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    Being 6th in line (Harry) and being the EX-wife (Fergie) of someone in line (Pedo) in the double digits whose brother is the first in line (Charles) had 2 children at the time of their marriage is in no way the same.

    Fergie was only notable due to her friendship with Diana and marriage to the Pedo. Once Diana was killed and they divorced, her “importance” vanished. Her daughters aren’t important except for their proximity to Harry (and now their scandalous husbands).

    Please remember that the Queen was not in the line of succession until her uncle met a woman and could only marry her by abdicating, It doesn’t take a lot.

    Agreed, this is why leaving wasn’t an option for Margaret or Charles’s siblings but no one batted an eye about H and M. The problem is that the British people and their press just won’t let go. They’re treating H and M like runaway slaves. This I have an issue with.

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