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I hope the Monarchy is aware that they are hurting themselves by targeting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and duchess of Sussex.


“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

Surely, one would think they would stop digging their own graves.

Happy Petty Friday!

In a mere 7 days, we’ve seen the birth of a new Sussex, racist digs by a now-fired Telegraph columnist, and the reemergence of “palace sources”, which we all know is code for “courtier.”

So, let’s dive in!

The birth of Baby-Girl Sussex was going to make news, and even Meghan and Harry must have known that naming their daughter “Lilibet Diana” was going to set off the press and trolls who look for any excuse to skewer them. It’s the “palace source” story that really needs examining….

Now, any experienced Sussexsquad knows that “palace source” is code for courtier. Meghan & Harry have had their fair share of courtier drama in the past, but this new dustup appears to have caught them off guard. They have a good relationship with the Queen.

So what is going on?

After positing this question to a couple of fellow Sussexsquads over a nice bottle of California red (my personal favorite, no disrespect to Italy or France) a friend took a deep sigh & said “Girl, this is Edward Young. It’s got his name written all over it.”

We all agreed….

Now, in case you don’t know, Edward Young is the Queen’s private secretary. In 2017 he replaced the brilliant & well-respected Christopher Geidt at the insistence of Prince Charles & Prince Andrew.

Here’s where things get particularly interesting…..

Apparently both Princes Charles & Andrew had been gunning for Christopher Geidt for quite awhile. Charles, eager to take on more power & more of a leadership role, felt that Geidt was not giving his office the respect & control that it properly deserved.

And Andrew, well….

Andrew wasn’t a fan of Geidt’s tight control of his personal spending. Additionally, Geidt was determined to protect the Queen from any scandal regarding Jeffrey Epstein, whose case in the US was getting a lot of press coverage. Quietly, Geidt lessened Andrew’s public presence.

So, it was determined by Charles & Andrew that Geidt had to go. Despite Geidt’s excellent track record as press secretary, The Queen, around 91 at this time, voiced her displeasure but didn’t put up much of a fight. I mean who wants to spend their last years fighting over staff?

So, Edward Young was installed. As Private Secretary, he’s aware that his rise to such position was facilitated by Charles & Andrew. He’s aware that Her Majesty, the Queen, will not live forever, & he is also aware that, when unhappy, Charles & Andrew can get people sacked.

What has resulted at Buckingham Palace, I am told, is a revolving door of courtiers whispering, plotting, & leaking on behalf of independent royal household interests, & not at the behest or in interest of the Queen herself.

Very sad, indeed.

It is also worth mentioning that Edward Young is not personally a fan of Meghan Markle. This may explain why the leaks against Harry & Meghan go particularly unchecked, & why Harry & Meghan are demonized in the press without a Palace word, whilst stories of Andrew are buried….

Over our bottle of wine, my friends & I agreed that Edward Young has helped to make a fine mess of the Monarchy, the Queen’s legacy, & Britain’s international reputation in just a few short year’s time, as we wondered how different things would be, had Geidt not been disposed of.

I guess we’ll never know.

What we do know, is that it appears that Harry & Meg really do have a good relationship with the Queen, that most of what the Harry & Meg have said has turned out to be 💯% true, & that really, REALLY angers some powerful people back at home….


Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex – pre royal life achievements

At the age of 11, meghan lobbied a dishwasher soap manufacturer to change its sexist TV commercial

Graduated from Northwestern University in 2003 with a double major in theater and international studies.Worked At The U.S. Embassy In Buenos Aires, ArgentinaWorked as a freelance calligrapher as a side job“When I was auditioning, at the onset, instead of waiting tables, I did calligraphy,”

Launched a lifestyle blog, “The Tig”, a “hub for the discerning palate – those with a hunger for food, travel, fashion & beauty.”

Counsellor for international charity One Young World.Participating in the One Young World 2014 Summit in which she joined a panel for the ‘Bridging the Gap’ session.

Visited Afghanistan with the United Service Organisations (USO) which supports the military and their families.“In gratitude to our troops, and the opportunity to thank them personally for their sacrifice and service.”Such an honor and feeling very very blessed. USOtour”

Advocate for Political Participation and Leadership – UN women.listen to her 2015 speech.

Global ambassador for World Vision, the world’s largest international children’s charity.

Travelled to Rwanda in 2016 with World Vision to see first-hand the importance of clean water.

Travelled to India with World Vision in 2017, focusing on gender equality and particularly girls access to education.

Worked alongside the Myna Mahila Foundation focusing on stigma surrounding menstruation & how that can directly inhibits women from pursuing an education.Read Meghan’s article on the Myna Mahila Foundation for TIME.

Worked her way towards becoming a successful actress. Most noteably known for her role as Rachel Zane in USA networks hit show “Suits” from 2011-2017.

Brand ambassador for Canadian retailer, Reitmans. Creating/designing multiple collections .

Fluent in spanish and studied French for six years Participated in USA Network’s ‘I wont stand for’ campaign”I won’t stand for racism,” — Meghan between the ages of 13-17, volunteered at a soup kitchen in Skid Row, Los Angeles.Meghan continued to volunteer at the soup kitchen when she would return home to LA until the age of 22.

Attended the Novak Djokovic Foundation New York dinner in 2013The Novak Djokovic Foundation focuses on Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Development.

Wrote an essay titled “I’m More Than An ‘Other,'” for Elle Magazine on her bi-racial ethnicity in 2015here: with the Glass Slipper Project during her university years. An organisation that collects donated dresses for teenagers who are unable to buy their own prom attire.

Attended the Dove Self-Esteem Project event in 2015 aimed at helping young people all around the world build positive body confidence and self-esteem.

In 2016 hosted the Watercolour Project Event at LUMAS gallery in Toronto – paintings were made by students in Rwanda and ended up raising enough money to build a well through the help of World Vision.

In 2015, Meghan hosted the Women in Cable Telecommunications Signature Luncheon at McCormick Place – Chicago, Illinois. This luncheon is a premier industry event where distinguished leaders come together in support of women in the cable industry.

In 2014, Meghan/The Tig partnered with BRIKA to develop a capsule collection with proceeds going to Feeding America & Second Harvest. Second Harvest was also an organisation which Meghan worked with to pick up & deliver leftover food from the “suits” set to local soup kitchens

In 2013, spoke on the movement to stop discrimination, focusing on the gender pay gap.


May has always been a special month in Duke and Duchess of Sussex World, due to the Harry and Meghan wedding anniversary and Archie birthday. However, this year May brought the extra sauce!!! So a little over halfway through and on the eve of Harry and Meghan anniversary, we recap this amazing month so far.

On May 4, Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex announced her debut children’s book The Bench , illustrated by the very talented and impressive Christian Robinson. Not surprisingly, it quickly became a bestseller on multiple lists.

A few ingenious Sussex quads the tribal supporters of Harry and Meghan , created the sussexsquad book drive, with an independent bookseller to donate copies of The Bench and other lovely children’s titles to some selected organizations, with over 2200 books donated so far .

On May 6, Harry and Meghan marked Archie’s 2nd birthday with a cute photo and thank you to those making charitable donations in his honor, and announced a fundraiser they had set up in aid of vaccine Equity. The effort raised a whopping $3M!

Then came Saturday May 8 and the hugely successful VaxLive concert to unite the world co-chaired by Harry & Meghan, that raised over $302 M to procure 26M + vaccine doses, far surpassing VaxLive goal of 10M doses. You can watch the full concert here https://

May 9, Happy Mother’s Day !!
Archewell, together with Procter & Gamble fulfilled the supply wishlist of Harvest home, an organization that supports expectant mothers who are experiencing homelessness ❤️❤️The thoughtfulness of these initiatives is just wow!

On May 11, Archewell Foundation and Procter & Gamble announced a multi-year partnership to focus on building compassionate communities, through gender equality, creating more compassionate and inclusive online spaces, and resilience and impact through Para sports.The P&G partnership is a perfect fit, as P&G showed their willingness to NOT perpetuate gender stereotypes in their AD messaging, by changing the verbiage of their dish soap AD in response to a written request from 11yr old young activist Meghan Markle.

May 12: Lady Justice struts again!!
After a previously eager palace aide proclaimed “ I don’t own, nor have never claimed ownership of the letter. The letter is the Duchess’ only”, The daily mail was sent packing with a lunch of Ls and a side of extra costs for bad behavior 💥 .

Next, May 13: Prince Harry on Armchair experts. That impactful Mental Health conversation that in one fell swoop, left us inspired and wanting more, propelled ArmchairExpertpod into new markets and rendered some miserable islanders totally apoplectic 😂. Talk about military precision!!!

Monday, May 17 coming off the weekend and the momentous last week, the powerful and moving trailer of TheMeYouCantSee Oprah & Prince Harry’s Mental Health series is released. It PREMIERS THIS FRIDAY 🤗.

Before we enter the anniversary celebration mood,I would like to point out that Sussexbabyshower in aid of The Mission Continues, Homeboy Industries, Baby2Baby and The Loveland Foundation is still going on till May 31. There’s still time support.

May 19 Harry and Meghan 3rd wedding anniversary celebration

Now it’s 5 years together, 3 years married, one little boy and a little girl on the way!

Happy wedding anniversary

To Meghan:

When you walked yourself up those stairs in front of the world after the painful week that you had, I knew that you were going to be a true cultural icon.

I am so proud of you. I am so happy for your family. You are wonderful, Meg.

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