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Commitment is the essence of ultimate secret to getting absolutely everything you want. Its willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals. Willingness is a mental attitude that state if it takes waking up 3 in the morning to accomplish your goals then you will wake up 3 in the morning. This means that to succeed,you will make a commitment to do whatever it takes regardless of the nature of the conditions involved.

This means that you have to make a commitment to achieve your goals then you will follow through with relentless determination and action until you achieve the desired result.

There is power that exist and its becomes available only when you are in that state of mind in which you know exactly what you want and you are fully determined not to quit until you achieve it.

Commitment is the act of having passion for what you do. Its helps you discover how bad you want to succeed. It leads to ownership and ownership will lead you to success.

Commitment is the principal of all. It will help you to make a pledge that will obligates you to do what it takes for you to succeed.

If there is anything that can affect how you think its commitment. Its extremely powerful and to succeed you need perseverance. Perseverance can only happen if you have a heartfelt,longterm commitment. The temptation to give up will arise but it is commitment you will have made that will help you get through and find success.

Jeff Keller argued in his book that,when you are committed,its likely you will not be derailed. Those who are not committed are derailed easily thus not achieving their goals

For instance,most people start a business with approach of ‘I will give it one year if it does not work out after one year I will quit This is where commitment separates the winners from losers. The committed people are going to hang in there and prevail no matter what. If it takes a little longer then they thought so be it,but they will never quit. Those who are not committed are going to give up the ship when things don’t work out.

Just stay true to yourself,set long term goals,turn problems into opportunities and make commitment to do whatever it takes and start moving forward.

Remember, one person with a commitment is worth more than 100 people who have only an interest.


    Excellent and very inspiring! You put the truth right here for us to ponder and take to heart! So many people are afraid of commitment or when they say they are you have to wonder if they really mean it these days. Takes time to accomplish good things and time is needed to build trust and commitment!
    God Bless.

    When it comes to commitment, does that mean you are willing to step on others in order to get what you want? I don’t think you would, Nyakio, but many would, and that takes value out of commitment.
    The other issue I have with this post is, how do you define success? Is it making money? Is it being the best person you can be? Success is a very abstract thing, and often meaningless and fleeting. Trump believes he is successful, he believes he is the most powerful man in the world. Yet he is a total failure to most people, and it is not only people he is hurting. He is trying to destroy all life on this planet. And he is still going to die, and the only thing he will have at the end is his stupid pride. And he should be committed sooner than later for all the damage he is doing.
    I know you mean well, Nyakio, but it is so easy for potentially dishonest people to use your words in dishonest ways. One or two of your commentors may be doing just that already.
    Be well, and may you live in peace.

    Yeah its depends,but there are those need it that is why,we can’t stop doing good because others are doing bad,that is why there is conscience to kill you everyday you do something bad and karma to what you do to others,,there is justice to even unseen injustice,
    Love tour comment,,,thank tou

    Excellent post. While I don’t agree that commitment would get us “absolutely everything [we] want,” I do believe that commitment IS essential to achieving our goals and in carrying out our responsibilities in whatever path we may choose in life.

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    Those who stay committed and persist in what they want are going to succeed regardless of the obstacles.

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    Commitment in fact helps in first of all making resolve to select a goal and then wherewithal selection as to how to fulfill our commencement.

    Your write-up is really a wonderful one as far as our commencement.

    thanks and regards

    I need to get back to my commitment writing so many words each day and finish this third book off and get it published by Christmas for Christmas Presents !! Thanks for the kind thoughtful words in your blog. God bless you for them.

    “Remember, one person with a commitment is worth more than 100 people who have only an interest.”

    Such a power-packed truth! ❤️ Thanks so much for sharing such powerful inspiration! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

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