Am back

Hi,it has been a while since I updated this blog but what can I say as an excuse for not updating? Okay here is the thing, I sat down one day and it hit me,is this really working?,am I doing it right, where am I doing it wrong? Honestly I had no answers 😂, funny right, yeah thought so too. so just like that I gave up this space and started aimlessly stalking celebrities on Twitter and Instagram,(since here in Kenya we were in lockdown) and looking up for latest memes,yeah am a mess I get it, honestly.

Not until I was bored of doing the same thing did I remember that I had a space where I could write something and decided, hey, am going back to where I used to share some things that I learnt from someone’s writing or saying, doesn’t matter whether it getting a lot of views or not,as long as there’s is one person reading it,it’s something, doesn’t matter whether I write and read it myself but it something right?

So here I am back again without a plan or manifestations because you know what,it’s going to be me,you and others to come that we are going to build this space to become a community,let start now to build with nothing,

Join me and my thoughts of self discovery

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