Dear reader,here is Life diaries

Dear reader,here is Life diaries

Failure is a must

Life will be filled with failure, especially for the brave who put themselves out there. When failure happens, look first at yourself, because this is all you can really control. Assume the burden, build yourself stronger, and be ready for the next challenge.

Big dreams will motivate you

The amount of work it takes your brain to work on chasing a small dream versus a big dream is the same. You are more likely to be inspired and motivated if the dream is larger and seemingly impossible to achieve.

             What you should never do:

Never allow anyone to get away with disrespecting you, or it will happen again. Never let anyone tell you, your goals are too big or impossible. Never take anyone for granted. Never give up on the things that are meaningful, or mean the most to you.

You are doing your best. Look at how far you’ve come.

                      Things to focus on

1. Your purpose in life
2. Your health
3. Your mental wellness
4. Having more fun
5. Carrying less stress
6. Simplifying your life
7. Spending time with true friends
8. Being confident
9. Taking chances
10. Being grateful
11. Reaching goals
                                 Daily mantra

-Trust in myself
-Stay positive
-Stop overthinking
-Work hard
-Be teachable
-Be humble
-Be a friend

              Daily reminder

• Do your absolute best.
• Keep a positive mindset.
• Embrace new challenges.
• Worrying gets you nowhere.
• Be thankful for your blessings.
• Use your time and energy wisely.


What you believe, you can achieve.

Try again when you fail.

Happiness is always a choice.

Experience can never be bought.

Knowledge stays with you forever.

Tomorrow is another good day.

6 thoughts on “Dear reader,here is Life diaries

  1. When my children were younger, I would wake them every day with a softly spoken, “Good morning. It’s a brand new day.” The main message was that I loved them. The second was to to think of the possibilities of the day, that it could be whatever they decided to make it (choose happiness). They were also messages to myself. Thanks for the post!

    1. What a beautiful insight,your day is how you choose, thank you,I will be choosing to see good,it’s just a matter of choice

  2. We must experience failure as it’s something we need to progress & to move forward with our lives. Life is never a straight forward path and it should never be! I also blog about things similar to what you blog also. Feel free to check it out & let me know what you think. Have a great day !

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