Princess Meghan,The Duchess of Sussex is Voice at the Storm’s centre as she’s named as one of 2022 most influential women.

Princess Meghan,The Duchess of Sussex is Voice at the Storm’s centre as she’s named as one of 2022 most influential women.

Queen Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex at Hope awards

It’s not like she needs to be reminded,or you need to be told that, Queen Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex is ALL TIME, the most influential woman in the world . Whether she is in limelight or out of it ( which she ‘disapears’ for almost five months without a peep of her), you will still find her in top News, most talked about figure in social media , news website,blogs and sometimes in front pages of the most prominent papers.

The beautiful Princess Meghan
The Duchess at power of women event

Nevertheless, 2022 has been a special year for the Duchess, together with her husband, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex . As you know, they signed a multi _ million dollars deal with both Netflix and Spotify, and needly to say, they have delivered in abundance beyond am sure, what these companies would imagine. Even the critics are still in disarray not because they don’t that our power couple deliver but because their relentless negative campaign against this couple so that they fail, always ends up being a waste. But let leave it for another day 😊.

In August, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, surprised us with her talk show “Archetypes” from her Archewell production company with Prince Harry. In the show, which since its premiere took the No. 1 spot on Spotify’s charts in several countries, Meghan sat down with guests to dissect the semantics of labels historically applied to women such as “slut,” “ambitious” and “crazy.” despite some tiny Detractors with bigger microphone, “Archetypes” opened door to many discussion and talks. People shared experiences, learnt, and offered solutions. According to Spotify, Meghan ‘s Archetypes helped the company exemplifies the breakout quality Spotify is pursuing in the audio space.

So it did not come as a surprise when Fortune magazine named the Duchess of Sussex as their one of 2022 most influential woman, the message read as follows ;

Meghan Markle has become a symbol of resilience for many silenced women. Specifically speaking, for women of colour and, even more specifically, mixed-race and black women. Her experience within the royal family resonated with those who have had to navigate historically white, elitist institutions that are, at best, not built with them in mind and, at worst, outwardly hostile.

The royal family is an establishment largely maintained through silence and complicity. It’s this, in part, that makes Meghan’s choice to use her voice so powerful. This year she launched a podcast, Archetypes, where she interrogates the labels used to contain and inhibit women – fitting, given the projection and smears she has endured from the press. For the black community in particular, it was hard to watch her demonisation by the British media and public. But seeing her come into her own, and use her platform to speak about what matters to her, has sent a message even louder than she may have intended.

Visit and listen to this amazing podcast. I swear you won’t regret it. All the best as you listen and share with your family and friends as a Christmas gift!

12 thoughts on “Princess Meghan,The Duchess of Sussex is Voice at the Storm’s centre as she’s named as one of 2022 most influential women.

  1. There is a reference as Queen Meghan. She is not. She is a Princess. It puts Meghan in an awkward, embarrassing position not because she did anything wrong- you did! You just lowered your own credibility and basically insulted Queen Camilla. It IS her title whether you like her or not. And you also insulted Kate because you chose to refuse the fact that she married the future king and likely will become the queen. Yet due to commentary and media that has formed your opinion without facts, you are sputtering your words about two women that you probably have never even met, all for writing a divisive article to promote gossip above etiquette, the feelings of other people and ruined your article due to arrogance. I stopped reading so have only one other comment. Pronouns are used to be used correctly in speaking or writing the English language. Her and her husband sounds as if you didn’t finish grade school. SHE and her Husband.

  2. She’s an inspiration. Despite the hate she received from the British media and some trolls, she continue to rise above it. Wishing Meghan, Harry and their children peace and love. 🧿💙

  3. Good to see postive comments.. Those people writing negative stuff about Meghan and Harry are hateful

  4. Meghan is indeed a great example for women and girls everywhere and to human kind in general. She’s intelligent, kind and resilient. May God continue to bless her Harry, Archie, Lily and Doris. Thank you for your wonderful colum.

  5. Well deserved recognition for Meghan. Wishing her only the very best in all her endeavors.

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