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6 Things Mentally Strong People Do

They embrace change and welcome challenges

They stay happy.They don’t waste energy on things that they can’t control

They are kind,fair and not afraid to speak up

They are willing to take calculated risks.

They move on.They don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves.

They celebrate other people’s success, they
don’t resent
that success

8 Habits That Can Ruin Your life


Procrastination is a thief of
time, collar him! Set a timer for
every task you undertake.


Comparison can truly ruin
your life. Even when you
experience positive things,
the victories will be hollow.

Caring about what other people think

If you have the habit of
obsessing over what other
people think of you, I have
good news for you.
No one is spending their
time thinking about you.
People are so wrapped in their
own lives, they don’t have time
to put many thoughts into you.


Focusing on the part of the future

Dwelling on the past usually
means unsolved issues are
weighing you down.
Focusing entirely on the future
usually means that you have
anxiety about what is to come
and your ability to handle it.


Wasting Money on stuff.

When you see something you
want to buy, think about the
resources that were used and
the future waste it will create
when you throw it away.


Trying to multitask

People who multitask are
actually less productive than
people who focus on one task
at a time.
When you break that bad habit
the quality of your work will


Blaming instead of taking responsibility

It’s tempting to blame other
people for our circumstances.
Digest the fact that it’s you
who are responsible for your
Taking responsibility means
taking back your power.


No one has the same definition
of perfect so you could be your
most perfect self and there
would still be people in the
world who think that you are
Instead of trying to be perfect
focus on just doing your best.
That’s literally all that you can do.

What if you could have more_in your processions than you have? What if you could be more than what you are?

If your life were a rubber band, would you be flaccid or a stretched one?

The secret is believing in yourself that you can do it. No human is limited and it’s always possible to break a barrier.

What if everything you are experiencing today is below your average potential? Have you ever tasted limit of what is possible? Don’t you think God expect more of you than what He gave you?

What if the goal of life is to become everything that is possible given what you have now? What if the goal of life is to become the best, highest, most loving versions of yourself? What if you are expected to take what you have and double it? What does that look like in each of your individual context? Where do you limit yourself ?

Jim Rohn:, wrote,

“the biggest challenge is becoming all that you have the possibility of becoming. You cannot believe what it does to the human spirit to maximize your human potential and stretch yourself to the limit.”

You are not maximizing your existence because you lack self belief. You are probably too lazy to test your limit. You will be surprised to know that you have more capacity to survive than you believe. God is just asking you to take everything He gave you and push to the next level.

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