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5 years married, 7 years together, and 2 kids later
Happy wedding anniversary to Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and Princess Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex

Our favorite couple is hitting 5 years today since they got married. Alot has happened, but Harry and Meghan have remained like salt and pepper. Whenever they are out or spotted somewhere, there love resonate. Let check the best pictures of them swimming in their world of love, as pictures speaks louder than words.

Here are my favorite photos according to years






She is in her own leage!WME wins big after signing Queen Meghan Markle,The Duchess of Sussex’s Global Enterprise.

THE POWERHOUSE i.e Queen Meghan,Empress has signed with another powerhouse that could match her stamina and calibre best THEE WML that represent the like of Dwayne Johnson, The Rock! having proven that nothing is beyond her with her globally successful podcast which dethroned the controversial rogan, her podcast had 10,million listeners withing the few hours of debut. she went ahead and proclaimed the people’s choice awards for the best podcast ever.

The lucky Agency took to twitter to celebrate and announce the news .

The News was exclusively reported by variety one of the most trusted hollywood news.

According to the reports, numerous agency rivals have tried to land the MOST influential public figure formerly known as Meghan Markle, the suits star since she and husband Prince Harry moved to California in 2020.

Variety reports that ;

‘Her team at WME will include power agent turned Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel, Brad Slater, the rep and brand architect within the agency for Dwayne Johnson, and longtime Serena Williams agent Jill Smoller. Additionally, WME will assume representation of Archewell, her and Prince Harry’s content creation label. Film and television production, brand partnerships, and overall business-building will be explored. Acting will not be an area of focus..The relationship signifies that Meghan is looking to zero in on her enterprise efforts. Her lifelong advocacy for women, mothers and girls will remain a thread in her professional work. In her Variety cover story last year, she discussed her ambitions around Archewell original content (she and Harry are currently engaged in a deal with Netflix).“So much of how my husband and I see things is through our love story. I think that’s what people around the world connected to, especially with our wedding. People love love. I’m not excluded in that sentiment,” Meghan said. “For scripted, we want to think about how we can evolve from that same space and do something fun. It doesn’t always have to be so serious. Like a good rom-com. Don’t we miss them? I miss them so much.”

The powerhouse couple have produced two docuseries with Netflix, including “Harry & Meghan.” which is the most-streamed documentary premiere in Netflix history, with 81.5 million minutes watched in its first day.

The global icon, has topped the lists such as TIME Magazine’s Most Influential People, The Financial Times’ 25 Most Influential Women, Variety Power of Women, and British Vogue’s Vogue 25.

Here is how people celebrated the news on Twitter

A journey should teach you to use your energy in a positive way. Don’t angst, don’t stress and don’t worry. The shit that’s going to happen is going to happen anyway.

If you look around you will see so clearly that people stress too much. Almost everyone has a big pile of crap they churn over day after day. It’s normal. Only it doesn’t have to be. People resign themselves to be a product of what has happened to them without realizing that they have a choice of who to be in any given moment. Change takes an instant. A journey should teach you to use your energy in a positive way. Don’t angst, don’t stress and don’t worry. The shit that’s going to happen is going to happen anyway.

The other thing, don’t ever justify what makes you, you, or how good you are. You don’t have to stand up and be counted for shit that doesn’t matter. You want to eat a feast, you eat one. You don’t have to justify how much or how little is on your plate. Not ever. None of it ever matters – we are all as equally as important as the next person. There is no top dog, just an illusion of one.

Look away, think something nice for a minute, and bish bosh bang. Done. What feeding anxiety does is exacerbates, so if you are in pain all the time don’t suffer the pain, because pain is there for a reason. And that reason does not have to define you.

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