Queen Meghan Markle,The Duchess of Sussex is 2022 one of top 5 most googled woman, with Zendaya,Selena William, Meghan, Beyonce and Michele Obama among in the list respectively.

The Duchess of Sussex

The Duchess of Sussex is 2022 one of top 5 most googled black woman . Among in the list is Zendaya,selena william, meghan emerging at number 3, beyonce and Michele Obama respectively.

In 2022, Meghan had a very successiful projects on her sleeve. Archetypes podcast series topped globally and it was the one to dethrone Rogan when everyone else was unable to. As if topping the charts was not enough, it went ahead and won peoples choice award.

That was not all, In December, we were blessed to be welcomed into Harry and Meghan little world through Netflix documentally series Harry& Meghan. The documentary went ahead to emerge as worlds most watched Netflix documentary topping in all countries. As I always keep on saying, Harry and Meghan second name is Success.

In terms of fashion, The Duchess is a trendsetter. She is emulated by many, and the MOST notable is her sister in law. Though in 2022 she was seen rarely, her fashion game and effect interms of outselling was unmatched. Everytime she appeared, whether during the burial of Queen Elizabeth, for Invictus games, Jubilee cerebrations thouh it was a little glimpse, shopping, out and about in Montecito grocery buying or attending Young World Summit, her fashion game was a top topics of discusssions. People,fans and foes replicated her looks as they were inspired by this Queen and appreciations could not be misssed.

The Duchess of Sussex at Hope Award in New York with her husband Prince Harry where they were awarded for their Racial,Justice and Humantarian activism. Among the aluminae of the Award is President Barrack Obama.
Some of Notable 2022 fashion choices by The Duchess of Sussex. The different pieces of fashion were highly talked about in fashion world and went ahead and emulated by many known celebrities and ordinary people confirming her high influence.

Her philathlophic work could not me missed. The Duchess of Sussex , inspired by her own podcast series, donated 1 million dollars to be distributed among the strongest women who have defied the odds to overcome challenges and emerged as winners. Very kind indeed. Are we to forget that this is the lady who offered a mother her coat to cover the child due to the change in whether?

In respect to that, are we really surprised that Queen Meghan, although rarely seen in 2022 is the top most serched on Google?

Dear reader,here is Life diaries

Failure is a must

Life will be filled with failure, especially for the brave who put themselves out there. When failure happens, look first at yourself, because this is all you can really control. Assume the burden, build yourself stronger, and be ready for the next challenge.

Big dreams will motivate you

The amount of work it takes your brain to work on chasing a small dream versus a big dream is the same. You are more likely to be inspired and motivated if the dream is larger and seemingly impossible to achieve.


             What you should never do:

Never allow anyone to get away with disrespecting you, or it will happen again. Never let anyone tell you, your goals are too big or impossible. Never take anyone for granted. Never give up on the things that are meaningful, or mean the most to you.

You are doing your best. Look at how far you’ve come.

                      Things to focus on

1. Your purpose in life
2. Your health
3. Your mental wellness
4. Having more fun
5. Carrying less stress
6. Simplifying your life
7. Spending time with true friends
8. Being confident
9. Taking chances
10. Being grateful
11. Reaching goals
                                 Daily mantra

-Trust in myself
-Stay positive
-Stop overthinking
-Work hard
-Be teachable
-Be humble
-Be a friend

              Daily reminder

• Do your absolute best.
• Keep a positive mindset.
• Embrace new challenges.
• Worrying gets you nowhere.
• Be thankful for your blessings.
• Use your time and energy wisely.


What you believe, you can achieve.

Try again when you fail.

Happiness is always a choice.

Experience can never be bought.

Knowledge stays with you forever.

Tomorrow is another good day.

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