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Biggest Takeaways of Opra, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Interview

Biggest Takeaways of Opra, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Interview

— Kate made Meghan cry over bridesmaid dresses, made amends but then leaked the story months later in the reverse.
— The family was welcoming until the AUS tour, when it was clear that Meg was up for the job.

— Meghan was actively suicidal during her pregnancy but was told she could not seek help.
— The palace told her they saw the abuse but was powerless to stop it, despite being willing to lie for other members of the British Royal Family

— It was the palace’s decision that Archie would not receive a title.
— They also decided Archie would not receive security.
— FAMILY were concerned about the tone of Archie’s skin

–Meghan did not have access to her personal documents
— It was Harry’s decision to leave
— Conversations occurred between Harry/The Queen/Prince Charles. They were not blindsided.
— They offered to live in a common wealth country

— At some point Charles stopped taking Prince Harry’s calls.
— Prince Harry claims Charles and William are trapped, still feels compassion for them
— The Royal Family is terrified of the tabloid press.

— Both Harry and Meghan repeatedly confirm they would have stayed if they had the support they needed from the family.
— Other than with The Queen, the Sussexes relationship with the rest of the family remains strained.

Baby Sussex is a girl ❣️

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