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Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex,white Disney princess,anti_blackness and middle_age white women

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex,white Disney princess,anti_blackness and middle_age white women


So, many of my fellow Meghan Markle supporters and Sussexsquad members have been trying to understand why so many Meghan Markle trolls have turned out to be middle-aged white women from the U.S.

Let me break down my thoughts as why these women are so upset…..

The first thing most Meghan Markle supporters say is “They’re American!! Why do they even care who a British Prince marries?!!” To understand this, you need to realize that middle-aged white Americans were the first generation to be raised on Disney Princesses…

These women as children watched Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty all fall in love with, and be saved by handsome princes. As they grew up, many subconsciously expected their own lives to follow this narrative, at least in respect to finding Mr. Right.. .

Additionally, right around the time that many of these women were coming of age, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were getting married. Many of these American women saw this fairy tale wedding and marriage as confirmation that childhood dreams could become a reality.

It’s also important to understand that at this time, Ronald Reagan had recently been elected on the promise of restoring conservative values and American greatness. The U.S. had just come out of a brutal civil rights era, a failed Vietnam War, and the Iran hostage crisis…

So, Charles and Diana’s wedding did two major things for white American women at the time: 1. It showed an old, powerful, and white world power still holding prestige and tradition. 2. Made the childhood dream of marrying a prince and living happily ever after appear real…

These women got married and had children around the same time that Diana did. Their lives seemed to parallel. They saw a bit of themselves in Diana as their own marriages failed and they struggled to discern fantasy from real life issues and problems…

After Diana tragically died, many felt a strong connection to William and Harry. They placed on the boys the same dreams they had for their own children. They aspired again for the dream. If they and Diana couldn’t have it, maybe the boys could…

And the dream, for them, is the white Disney princess. Kate easily delivered this ideal in 2011, as was seen with this very popular image that circulated all over the internet after William and Kate’s marriage….

These women expected for Harry to one day do the same. But, alas, he didn’t. Instead, he fell in love with, and married a mixed-race American divorcee. Their dreams had been shattered…..

1. Because Meghan had been divorced. Disney princesses don’t get divorced! They are supposed to marry their first love and live happily ever after! 2. Because she is mixed-race…and this one is the big one… but probably not because of what you think……

Yes, some of these women are overtly racist. They just flat out don’t like people of colour, but I think the biggest reason that Meghan’s race is a such problem for these women is because it drags up racial sludge that permeates all of American society….

These women want “the dream” and divorce and blackness are a reality. Half of all marriages end in divorce. America has a long and sordid history of racial inequality and abuse. Meghan forces them to look at ugly truths in their own lives, while Kate still gives them the fantasy.

And Lord, these women are attached to the dream. They want the boys to have the perfect lives, wives, and children. William and Kate have been excellent at giving them exactly what they want. Until the last couple of weeks, they’ve seemed absolutely flawless in the press…

However, we’ve seen only realness with Meghan. From her awful half-sister, to her divorce, to her struggling as an actress, to her father selling pictures to the tabloids…we have only seen the real, and that infuriates these middle-aged white American women sold on “the dream”.

But their dream is their dream. They are entitled to it. To the rest of us, Meghan is an inspiration precisely because she is so very real. She is a beautiful new dream rooted in something very few dreams are….reality. ❤

And it’s important to remember that Not all white American women of age hate Meghan. Many, many love and adore her. I’m just trying to explain why so many older, white American women are so incredibly anti Meghan…


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