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Hi,it has been a while since I updated this blog but what can I say as an excuse for not updating? Okay here is the thing, I sat down one day and it hit me,is this really working?,am I doing it right, where am I doing it wrong? Honestly I had no answers 😂, funny right, yeah thought so too. so just like that I gave up this space and started aimlessly stalking celebrities on Twitter and Instagram,(since here in Kenya we were in lockdown) and looking up for latest memes,yeah am a mess I get it, honestly.

Not until I was bored of doing the same thing did I remember that I had a space where I could write something and decided, hey, am going back to where I used to share some things that I learnt from someone’s writing or saying, doesn’t matter whether it getting a lot of views or not,as long as there’s is one person reading it,it’s something, doesn’t matter whether I write and read it myself but it something right?

So here I am back again without a plan or manifestations because you know what,it’s going to be me,you and others to come that we are going to build this space to become a community,let start now to build with nothing,

Join me and my thoughts of self discovery


It wouldn’t be too much for you to expect things to go your way for once right? Well,there is a way that would make success to come to you easily and its does not come with strings attached to it. You will or not be surprised to know that its within yourself. Yeah,its completely free because its withing you and its attitude.

Hung Downs stated that a happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances but rather a person with certain set of attitudes. This means that you and you alone control your attitude.It influences your individual choice of action and response to challenges,incentives and success. Its the sum of all your thoughts and feelings towards any issue. The way you perceive the things that happen to you,the way you react to life’s hurdles and setbacks and how you cope when curve balls are thrown your way are the major determinant that differentiate successful outcomes from failure all in the name of your attitude.

Positive attitude helps you to accept constructive criticism because there is always ways you can improve if you are open to progress. Positive attitude will help you to embrace the challenges because no one wants to sit idle for too long anyway. It will make you feel strong and act in an adaptive way to any given situation.

The most successful people always thinks about what they want and how to get it most of the time. In this, developing a positive attitude that changes their entire life. When you think about what you want,you feel great and in control of your life. Personally I can testify to this because thinking about how I want to succeed in life or to achieve my goals makes me feel stronger,alive and powerful even though I have not archieved them yet.

If you develop a positive attitude you will have secured your ticket to success in advance. Think,act and talk with enthusiasm and you will attract positive result. Start thinking of yourself as successful because success is the state of mind.

Think of your attitude as the mental filter through which you experience the world. See the world through the filter of optisim,that is the glass being half full rather the glass being half empty. Think of I can instead if I can’t. Do not dwell on problems, instead concentrate on solutions. See good in others instead of finding faults in others. Focus on your blessings instead of your limitations.

When the child is learning how to walk and falls down 50 times,they never think to themselves,”this isn’t for me” he or she keeps going for weeks and weeks with a positive attitude until he gets it right. Keep that childish drive. Focus and keep trying no matter what,with a state mind that you are going to get it right.

Don’t let criticism, rejection, doubt, ridiculous and humiliation get into you are lose your focus.

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