This is a new day. No more forever the victim. Try a different approach: forever the victor. Break that negative cycle.

You are not a victim. You’re a victor. You wouldn’t have opposition if there were not something amazing in your future. Keep a smile on your face. Keep a spring in your step. Stay positive. Stay hopeful. God is still on the throne.

You have to take the hand that you have been dealt and make the most of it.

Nothing that has happened to you has stopped your destiny. That person that did you wrong,walked away? It may have been painful but they did not ruin your life. They don’t have that much power. If they could stop God’s plan they would be bigger than God.

Don’t let one bad break, one injustice,one difficult season cause you to be sour or have a chip on your shoulder. As long as you accept you are a victim you are going to be stuck.

Don’t use your unfair situation as an excuse to feel sorry for yourself,to give up on life,to not Pursue on your dreams.

You are the generation that’s going to set a new standards. You are the one that is going to see this shift in your thinking. You are not a slave, victim, limited and at a disadvantage.

No more forever victim.

Do your part and put on those new clothes so to speak. See yourself differently. Have a new perspective. You are not a victim of your past or a victim of what didn’t work out. Instead, you are a Victor.

Some difficult situations are steps on the way to your destiny. That difficult situation is leading you to a new level. You won’t understand it now but that is a necessary step to get you to the throne. You won’t understand everything that happens along the way,there will be plenty of opportunities to be a victim,those are the test.

Will you keep the right attitude when it’s not fair,you feel like being discouraged,why did this happen, don’t ply that role,refuse to be a victim. It may have meant to be for your harm but at some point God is going to turn it into your advantage. It’s going to catapult you where you cannot go on your own.

You don’t need a new day to start over,you only need a new mindset

Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream.

Sustainable long term success takes sacrifices that most aren’t willing to make.

If it were easy everyone would be a millionaire free to do whatever they wanted.

Be persistent, endure the pain necessary to live the life you want, you won’t regret it.

Doing the right thing would definitely scare you, confuse you, challenge you, or make you uncomfortable. Doing something positive in your life doesn’t always feel positive at the start. Stay strong and believe that everything is working to put you where you’re meant to. Focus in becoming.

Self-love will heal you, empower you, restore you, and open up new worlds within you and all around you. Self-love is the key to your mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Every aspect of your life thrives when you love who you are and accept yourself. It all begins with you.

No matter what, people grow. If you chose not to grow, you’re staying in a small box with a small mindset. People who win go outside of that box. It’s very simple when you look at it.
You don’t need a new day to start over, you only need a new mindset.

All things are subjective, a person’s circumstances has nothing to do with current or past events, but rather their perception of those events, and the attitude and manner in which they choose to approach it.

Attitudes are based on assumptions. In order to change attitudes you must first change your assumptions. It always comes down to this ,- We can’t change our circumstances but we can choose our reaction to the circumstances, we can’t control others but we can control ourselves!


Life has many things to bring you down but what can really bring you down is your attitude.It is your attitude at the beginning of a task more than anything else that will determine your success or failure.Develop the attitude that there are more reasons why you should succeed than reasons why you should fail. Your attitude should be if you are pushed towards something that you think is a weakness, then you will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.When you are faced with a problem, adopt the attitude that you can and will solve it.The best thing you can do is to let go of what you can’t control, and invest your energy in the things you can control.

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