Hard work pays. It’s an advice we have all being told several times that it has lost it taste.We have been so used to it that it does not sound at all important .The real question we should all ask ourselves is what is hard work?

Hard work has been given so many definitions that it confuses which one should guide us or the actual meaning. Some people personally,search for the meaning of hard work. I look for values that can guide me .I want to make sense of why i do what I do. Everyone is hoping that their life’s purpose will lead them to happiness and peace of mind.

Oxford defines hard work as a”great deal of effort or endurance.” Merriam Webster defines hardworking as “industrious,diligent.” In those meanings there is Effort,Endurance,Diligence and Industrious but all lead to success. In other words to archive success we have to work hard.

Have read about hard work from different writers and talked to people about hard work. I came to realise that hard work is what we both physically exert and mentally state of mind. This makes us realise that unless we are at a duress or strick direction,why should we work hard?You would work hard for something you have thought and planned for that will lead you to happiness,success or a well being.

The saying,”hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard” should mean something. You have talent and for it to work you have to apply it. That means one has to work hard,not necessarily as hard as the person who develops skills naturally. Regardless,hard work beats talent any day because hard work has one thing that talent does not have and that is Experience.

There is no secret sure ticket to success. There is no secret mantra. There is only a path,and to follow the path you have to be ready to work hard. There is no substitute to hard work unless we change the meaning of success.

If you want to do well in life or any other field of life,you need to know one essential mantra,work hard and the result will follow. Passion is as important as hard work. I guess both work hand in hand .Do not do something people expect you to do,instead do something that makes you happy. Something that you are passionate about.

The point is ,no one get to define hard work for anyone else. Just like success,you define hard work for yourself. Your success should be supported by how you define hard work. I think I should even say,though not relatable,”the end justifies the means”.

For example,a father’s definition of hard work would be making sure that his kids are well fed,schooled and housed. The sure and strick path direction is to see his kids fed,schooled and housed. This would be the reason to push him to work hard.

My personal definition would be reaching the given point at a given time. You have a different meaning than this,that okay because that would make us unique. What matters is to work hard enough because success travels in the company of hard work. There is no trick and no easy way.

With that i will leave you with the quotes from these amazing people.

Success is not accident .It is hard work,perseverance,learning,studying,sacrifice and most of all,love what you are doing or learning to work.


Success isn’t always about greatness . It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.

Dwayne Johnson


It took Edison 10,000 failures to create the light bulb. Mozart wrote music for ten years before creating one of his famous pieces. Einstein’s teachers thought he was mediocre,yet they all made it big. This is because they worked really, really hard and they never gave up,so can you. When you are working hard,its natural to keep running into obstacles,to feel stressed and tense,its okay,everyone who succeeded before you faced the same challenges and so will you,don’t quit.

Sometimes we want to take corners,we want the easiest way and things to come to us in a simple ways but we forget that when we cut corners,when we take short cuts ,when we don’t solve the smallest problems now,we are cutting into our future,creating even bigger problems. Quick fix is neither quick nor it fixes anything. We should know,acknowledge and let our mind be set firmly and ‘stickly’ that nothing grows in comfort zone and even if it grows from comfort zone it’s has a consequence to its. Nothing is for free. It’s like stealing,you steal something you enjoy it’s for free but there is a consequences of being caught,humiliation,jail and people cutting you out. When you sweat for something,you enjoy showing off because you worked really hard for it. In that in mind we should shake things up,,think like a teenager,be curious,be a rebel,learn from everyone you meet but do not be in your comfort zone and most important of all do not give up no matter what.

No matter what you chase,never give up,it’s not easy,even when you enjoy it!This is because we all have good and bad days in our lives. What we need to do is to embrace the good days and fight like hell through the bad. Success may not be today,may not be tomorrow and may not be the day that is after tomorrow but it’s there and success is Action Now. Do not stop,magic is once you start,momentum keeps you going.

I always tell myself that the moment i give up is the day I succeed. you may wake up one day and say”well I am not succeeding,I tried for one month and it never worked am going to stop” Do not stop.

If you stop,you will not succeed because you would have succeeded the next day. Do not look back you’re not going that way,what you have to do is Dream big,Start small but must of all start without giving up,no matter what happens keep moving forward because your success is your responsibility and nobody else responsibility

Improve your focus. When hit by a setback,snap out of it by asking yourself how you are feeling,what lessons did you learn and what you are going to do about it. This is because where there is no risk there is no failures and where there is no failures there is no success. Do not compare ,never think you are no best. Focus on your goals and do your best.

Held your head high and just whisper to him this, “Dear God ,grant me courage to change things I can change and wisdom to know the difference”,and at the end of it all you will realise that handwork pays off no matter what.

Lastly,most of the time your mind just makes up stuff. Some things happens and you have a thought about it. It is not always the reality,it is your perception of reality.


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