It took Edison 10,000 failures to create the light bulb. Mozart wrote music for ten years before creating one of his famous pieces. Einstein’s teachers thought he was mediocre,yet they all made it big. This is because they worked really, really hard and they never gave up,so can you. When you are working hard,its natural to keep running into obstacles,to feel stressed and tense,its okay,everyone who succeeded before you faced the same challenges and so will you,don’t quit.

Sometimes we want to take corners,we want the easiest way and things to come to us in a simple ways but we forget that when we cut corners,when we take short cuts ,when we don’t solve the smallest problems now,we are cutting into our future,creating even bigger problems. Quick fix is neither quick nor it fixes anything. We should know,acknowledge and let our mind be set firmly and ‘stickly’ that nothing grows in comfort zone and even if it grows from comfort zone it’s has a consequence to its. Nothing is for free. It’s like stealing,you steal something you enjoy it’s for free but there is a consequences of being caught,humiliation,jail and people cutting you out. When you sweat for something,you enjoy showing off because you worked really hard for it. In that in mind we should shake things up,,think like a teenager,be curious,be a rebel,learn from everyone you meet but do not be in your comfort zone and most important of all do not give up no matter what.

No matter what you chase,never give up,it’s not easy,even when you enjoy it!This is because we all have good and bad days in our lives. What we need to do is to embrace the good days and fight like hell through the bad. Success may not be today,may not be tomorrow and may not be the day that is after tomorrow but it’s there and success is Action Now. Do not stop,magic is once you start,momentum keeps you going.

I always tell myself that the moment i give up is the day I succeed. you may wake up one day and say”well I am not succeeding,I tried for one month and it never worked am going to stop” Do not stop.

If you stop,you will not succeed because you would have succeeded the next day. Do not look back you’re not going that way,what you have to do is Dream big,Start small but must of all start without giving up,no matter what happens keep moving forward because your success is your responsibility and nobody else responsibility

Improve your focus. When hit by a setback,snap out of it by asking yourself how you are feeling,what lessons did you learn and what you are going to do about it. This is because where there is no risk there is no failures and where there is no failures there is no success. Do not compare ,never think you are no best. Focus on your goals and do your best.

Held your head high and just whisper to him this, “Dear God ,grant me courage to change things I can change and wisdom to know the difference”,and at the end of it all you will realise that handwork pays off no matter what.

Lastly,most of the time your mind just makes up stuff. Some things happens and you have a thought about it. It is not always the reality,it is your perception of reality.


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    I feel the same way too.

    Those who do not give up become winners of what they truly want or need.

    Those who do give up are the opposites.

    The way things are, many people are, etc. nowadays, we have to fight for what is right and what we want/need.

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    Wow, this is simply great, you really leave me with a month open for your style of writing, you are on point: winners never quit,and quiter nerver win,to strick a balance:hard work, commitment and dedication are the keys.edison really deserve the reward,the reward of sweat and labor. success is sweet but its has a price tag.nothing good is Free. the real price for success is responsible.thanks for sharing this,am glad to be connected with you.

    Beautiful post with much needed encouragement! I most especially loved your line: “Lastly,most of the time your mind just makes up stuff. Some things happens and you have a thought about it. It is not always the reality,it is your perception of reality. NEVER GIVE UP.” ….. YES! You nailed it.

    The saying, “Nothing in life worth having comes easy” is absolutely true. That doesn’t mean we don’t wish it would come easy sometimes. But if you think about it – the principle behind it makes sense. For instance: would we take better care of a car that we are paying for or one we got for free? (It depends on the personality & gratitude of the individual too in many cases) For the most part though, we care more for those things in life we value, including relationships. Your post so perfectly illuminates why this is!

    Thanks for encouraging us all. I pray nothing but the very best for you on your journey. May favor and success find their way to your doorstep at every turn 🙂 💕 ~ Holly

    People are impatient. They would like to have effects right away, and that doesn’t work, unfortunately. At the beginning there may be failures

    It’s not fair to even compare Mozart or Einstein with the rest of us. The average person operates at a different level. Of course we have to work very hard to achieve our goals. That’s life. Even those geniuses worked tirelessly at their work.

    Hello Nyakio I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. You will find it all on my blog today September 14 th. Hope you will take part in in it my friend and fellow blogger !

    This rings true. I like having a to-do list in a notebook. I date each page. When my list is as long as my arm, I think, “Oh holy man, I’m only human, what am I thinking?” I then think of Ben Franklin for inspiration, he had 24 hours each day, same as me, among his time & travels invested to politics & social influence, he established the Library Company & the first fire department, The Fugio cent of Franklin’s, is the 1st official circulation coin in the U.S., then there’s his inventions! When I can scratch no more from the list, I try to not beat myself up over it, I look at all I did do & transfer the remainder to the following day. Often, the most dreaded or time -consuming chores, I do 1st, so I won’t procrastinate. You have spread words about so to inspire others to forgive themselves when they haven’t lived up to their own expectations & keep trying to reach contentment & more. : )

    This is a really nice one, I have a friend who said ” have you failed so much that failure seems to be failing , failure must fail. what is the worst thing that can happen if you try again you know you might fail but then you try again, one day failure would get tired and fail you then comes your success”. No matter how many times we fail let’s have it at the back of our minds that failure would definitely fail and we would succeed

    People must learn that giving up it’s not an option so when failure hits they must take it as a motivation and keep going and one important thing we as people must understand is to appreciate failure because after failure there is success.

    Wow!! This is so motivational and empowering.
    I am a believer of hardwork and how it’s a major factor in achieving success.
    Giving up only makes failure a person and not an event to help secure our success. We need to believe, persevere and work very hard towards our success.
    Incredible post💚💚

    My goals are changing as I slip into retirement. I retired teacher I met in this past year wisely reinforced what I had already been thinking: Don’t make any decisions for at least the first 6 months. He is right, if only because I still need to clean my apartment properly! 😀
    But I can see possibilities and I do know I have support in my corner. That is everything to me.
    Cheers, Nyakio, may all your goals be fruitful.

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    There’s hope for me asa poet yet then 😀. I LOVE this. Jyst followed your blog. Found you through Gary)s blog. Looks interesting

    There is always hope. I know this only too well, having nearly died from cancer! I am also blind and wheelchair bound with novfeeling in my hands and feet. I am in constant pain – but I still function with humour and joyfully. I am 71 years of age, and have never given up in my whole life 😌

    Giving up means a slow depletion of our performing capabilities. Need is to be devoted to the task at hand. Some failures hardly means that we cannot attain our goal.

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