Looking back and saying”I can’t believe I did that”, rather than, “I wish I did that”.

Often do we aspire to do something or achieve something and then all of a sudden we hold back. It’s not because we have tried to do and it’s has backfired,no, its because we think we won’t make it even though we have not tried a little bit yet. The fire of achieving what we want is there inside but the fire for action is not there.

Why do we lack motivation for action,what put us off from Making the fantasy the reality? Is it the art of procrastination or it’s just simply we limit ourselves low? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves.

I want you to write all the things you have aspired to achieve, because it’s not yet too late you know, start from the simplest to the tough ones,and trust me it’s going to be the momentum.

I did this yesterday and trust me,I am on the right path,so should you my friend,now go on and start, because it’s better to look back and say I can’t believe I did that than I wish I did it.

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